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Experts of BIM in Malaysia


About Us

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) unit of UMPH specialises in consultancy, technical delivery, project management and coordination, including human capital development and research-based problem-solving for the architecture, engineering and construction of buildings and facilities. Since we started the BIM unit in 2015, we have successfully assisted many private and public organisations in implementing BIM at three levels; Project/Operation, Organisation and Industrial. 


The BIM specialists of UMPH have been directly involved in the national agenda of transforming the construction industry through the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP). Under the CITP, we collaboratively work together with the Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) and Malaysia BIM Center (MyBIM Center) as the official partners for the East Coast region and the Ministry of Work Malaysia.


Our BIM solutions have benefited different stakeholders at different phases of the lifecycle of a building, including the ability to add, query or edit information in the Building Information Model to support their function and decision-making. The benefits and positive impact of our solutions on our clients have motivated us to be committed to deliver an exceptional experience through our services delivered within our client's budget and timeframe.

Our Strength

  • Extensive experience in BIM implementation involving more than RM 1 Billion cumulative value of projects

  • Experience working with private and public organisations

  • Strong track record of planning and executing BIM services within time and budget

  • Network of collaborators in private and public sectors

  • Training and facilitation experience involving more than 2000 people

Working with the Best Partners and Collaborators.

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Our Track Records

Organisational Transformation

Training & Education

Project & Consultancy

Research & Development

Contact Info

Kompleks UMP Holdings, Persiaran Bandar Gambang, Off Lebuhraya Tun Razak, 26300 Gambang, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Nor Aini Binti Abdul 

+6011-1632 4658

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